Annapurna International School of Film and Media (AISFM)

Challenge: Despite being a renowned institution, we’ve found it challenging to match up the quality of leads receiving from Display Ads with the leads from the rest of the campaigns. At the same time, it was essential to progress the organization’s online reputation on various fronts like brand awareness, consistency of tone, and to add creative value to the whole process.

Solutions: To raise the number of leads received, we divided the budget into the various campaigns with different motives. Brand awareness and lead generation were primarily focussed on to achieve the goals of the campaign.

The paid strategy was heavily backed up with constant activity on Social Media with creative artworks and short videos.

We promoted content through stories along with regular posts accompanied by attractive captions.

It was crucial to include the call to action options with each posting which was the APPLY NOW link in this case. Along with the link, we included direct contact numbers and email. The response received through emails was brilliant and that helped us with more database for the email blasts.

Emailers were sent through automated software where the clickthrough rate and other statistics were monitored. Reporting and analysis played an important role in making campaigns successful.

We’ve managed to expose the right people to the right information.

Benefits: An important fact to take away was the impact timely post have on the engagement with the audience.

Annapurna International School of Film + Media has pushed us into being more and more creative every passing day, and we’ve managed to derive the desired results.

August Consulting

Challenge:To be able to reach a wider audience in the niche of Finance and Accountancy has been quite a challenge that we’ve overcome. Bringing in new customers for the client was also a part of the job.

Solutions: Research the market, and provision of advice and knowledge to people on the niche by the way of creating conceptual artworks. Ads were also run on Google and Twitter to generate business for the client.

Benefits:Working for August Consulting challenged our brains in a way that it became imperative for us to improve constantly.

Mirchi Nation

Challenge: The message of authentic Indian food that was served daily at Mirchi Nation was to be communicated in a way that it attracts the Indian, international as well as the native American crowd present around the Boston based restaurant.

Solutions: Regular posting and having the internal conceptualizers capture the local taste of the food enthusiasts through the creatives.

Benefits: Positive reviews for the restaurant and a growing online presence.

LeAD Solutions

Challenge: An amazing yet critical vision of the director in terms of business principles and practical behaviour was to be given an online direction..

Solutions: Our visualizers make sure that they always produce compelling content that attracts the TG and is up to the client’s satisfaction.

Benefits: LeAD Solutions’ teaches us to move to a dimension where we deal with human attributes to connect with one’s true self.


Challenge: Following the ongoing trend, and delivering content that caters to the specific target audience was quite difficult.

Solutions: We created and promoted material across relevant platforms specific to customer behaviour, twice a week. The work also involved running ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram to increase the sales on the website, and the overall awareness of the brand not just in India, but the USA as well.

Benefits: Our team has studiously thought through every step to deliver the desired results.

Bay leaf

Challenge: Being quite a new restaurant in its region, we had to make sure that the number of people turning up increases.

Solutions: Creating interesting content and posting on social media every day including weekends. Running ads on Facebook and Instagram that would ensure more restaurant visits.

Benefits: Increased customer visits to the restaurant.

Dock 45

Dock 45

Challenge: Diverse and multicultural events daily to be promoted in a manner that's mass appealing and maintains an impactful recall value.

Solutions: Planned resources and advance and outstandingly proactive communication.

Benefits: Sold passes.



Challenge: Appeal to the Brokers, Investors and the Customers with the tone.

Solutions: A holistic campaign based approach.

Benefits: Created avenues for growth in real estate marketing.



Challenge: Dharani, Albany is a restaurant with very little online presence. The challenge was to increase the activity online, and propagate it enough to have more people visit the restaurant.

Solutions: Creating content that’s interesting, and industry-specific; also running ads to have more restaurant visitors.

Benefits: Increased customer visits to the restaurant.

Kesineni Cargo

Challenge: Being a full-time logistics company, the digital presence for the same was to focus primarily on the Businesses that can actually convert.

Solutions: Along with focusing businesses that were potential customers, we made a strong social media presence forKesineni Cargo.
A workable branding style was defined for all of the online material to enhance the online identity of the Brand. The website for Kesineni Cargo ( was also a part of the overall campaign. Traffic was driven to the website organically by promoting the same across all social media feeds and working the SEO structure hand-in-hand.
Similar look and feel were used for both the website and the social media feeds.
WhatsApp Campaigns were conducted for a huge segment of the customer base. The database was put together with the help of the client. WhatsApp promotion was done to over 30000 people successfully. The operation included sorting out the numbers collected in chronological order and blasting images during the day in the active hours.
The active hours were identified with a thorough analysis of the campaign performance which was monitored by the dedicated WhatsApp marketers.

Benefits: Created a reliable branding style for the business that’s market-based and settling. Also, successfully completed the WhatsApp promotion and introduced a new working way of marketing into the strategies for suitable clients.