branding and logos design

Agromech Homestore

Concept: Building the brand of a fresh retail outlet store introduced by a reputed and established home appliances dealer, Agromech.

Tasks: Creating concept & design for brand name, logo, store internal design, stationery, magazine ads, outdoor ads and in-store branding. Undertaking promotional activities including design of outdoor ad materials viz. hoardings, lollipops etc.


Edsmart Global School

Concept: Creating the Edsmart School brand

Tasks: Creating concept, content and design for Edsmart logo, brochure, stationery, flyers, registration forms, along with website design and development.


Trisa Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Concept: brand creation and promotional activities

Tasks: creating concept & design of logo, in-store branding, outdoor advertising, magazine ads, and stationery.


Blind Man Car Rally

Concept: design and create flyer, brochure and tickets for car rally event

Tasks: create concept and design of flyer, brochure and tickets for blind man car rally event.


Oye Dilli

Concept: branding for restaurant and kiosk

Tasks: logo design, stationery kit, menu design, tabletop design, leaflets, hoardings and outdoor media.